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13 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

Planning a 2017 wedding? Some of our favorite wedding experts have given us a sneak peek at what wedding trendsare on the rise. Here's what's going to be trendy with weddings in the coming year.

A Color Comeback "Color is making a comeback, versus all-white weddings. We're seeing less floral and more props as well as hanging centerpieces and more lighting patterns in abundance." —Nahid Farhoud, Nahid's Global Events

Elaborate Entrances "We are seeing a rise in elaborate entrances and we expect to see this trend continue into the New Year. Thisincludes over-the-top décor as guests make their way to the event, as well as incorporating unique entertainment (think fire starters!) that grabs guests' attention." —Fabrice Orlando, Cocoon Events Management Group

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Faraway Destinations "While tropical paradises like Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Costa Rica still top the list of hot spots to tie theknot, we've seen Iceland, Canada and Italy emerge as popular locales for couples looking to go off the beaten path." —Megan Velez, Destination Weddings

Planning Virtually "Couples have gone fully mobile with their wedding plans. Millennials are all about instant gratification, so theywant their wedding planning right at their fingertips at any given moment. There's going to be a continued increasing in seeing the whole planning process online." —Li Zhou, LadyMarry

Vertical Impact "When it comes to wedding decor, couples are looking up for inspiration. They are taking advantage of the vertical visual space above guest tables and highlighting it with a number of options. Expect to see tall tapers paired withluxurious candelabras, low-hanging string lights or Edison bulbs and chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes in2017." —Audrey Isaac, 100 Candles

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Garden-Inspired Florals "With florals, we're going to keep seeing garlands, as well as organic bouquets and centerpieces, all of which havehad tremendous staying power among brides." —Jamie Chang, Passport to Joy

Creative Ice Breakers "Couples are looking for ways to engage their guests throughout the wedding day. Interactive food stations andlawn games are great for fostering engagement, as is unique entertainment (think fire eaters or contortionists!), which will give everyone something to talk about. We also love the idea of guests walking into a photo wall, either stationery or as a slideshow." —Fabrice Orlando, Cocoon Events Management Group

Neutral Tones with Bright Accents "We're seeing dreamy palettes of greys, creams and golds paired with glass and metallics." —Audrey Isaac, 100Candles

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Doubly Gorgeous Gowns "One thing I've seen for the first time this year that I expect to see more of are removable skirts. The bride can havea sheath dress look and a ball gown look for much less than the cost of two dresses." —Ann Oleinik, Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

A Never-Ending Feast of Food "Late night snacks are becoming more of a 'must do' as opposed to simply an add-on. We're also seeing additional courses added to the dinner beyond simply a salad and entrée." —Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services

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Dynamic Desserts "There will always be a place for the traditional wedding cake but more couples are embracing alternatives such as doughnuts, cookies and even cheese." —Jamie Chang, Passport to Joy

Techy Effects "Couples are finding new ways to integrate technology into their destination wedding as they take advantage ofthings like custom Snapchat geofilters and 3D printing to personalize cake toppers, place cards, favors, wedding bands and more. We've also seen more couples live-streaming their ceremony as more hotels are offering it in theirwedding packages." —Megan Velez, Destination Weddings

Feeling Charitable "In a shift that focuses more on giving than getting, couples are embracing charity registries, which allows guests tomake a donation in their honor." —Jamie Chang, Passport to Joy

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