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Wedding DJs are key to a smooth-flowing party

Tom and Marsha Knouff

It was 24 years ago that Tom Knouff, who’d been a limousine driver, launched a DJ service called Celebration in Sound and his wife, Marsha. Working in tandem, they stay busy with weddings and corporate events. Details at

MOST REQUESTED SONGS: “‘Uptown Funk’ is always the No. 1 hit. ‘The Electric Slide’ still hangs in there because it’s a line dance for everybody. A lot of the younger kids want the Nae Nae (’Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae”). ’Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll,′ ‘Brick House,’ ‘We Are Family’ are always good standards. I do a lot of reading of wedding magazines and websites to stay current on what to play. I always tell my clients, ‘Don’t tie my hands completely, let me work the crowd.’ It’s hard when they give you a songlist that you can’t vary from.”

WORST REQUESTED SONGS: “I’m an older DJ, and I do my best to filter music with bad language. That’s my biggest pet peeve. You get a nice atmosphere going and the bride and groom want that, but you’re not just playing for them, it’s their parents and grandparents. I’ve actually steered away from a wedding that wanted music that because it wasn’t a good fit for me.”

CHANGES IN RECEPTIONS: “”They’re getting away from the money dance and some of the other traditional things that have kind of run their course. Less formalities and more party.”

DJ’ING WITH HIS WIFE: “Marsha’s probably only missed three or four gigs over the years. She’s my ears in the four corners of the hall, she makes sure the sound is not too loud or too soft, she goes out and helps get the line dances started, she takes requests. I always wear a tuxedo and she wears a gown, and we always wear black and white and gray.”

WILDEST THING I’VE SEEN: “I had a bride decide she was going to take some cake and smash it into the groom’s face. Then, he picked up the whole top layer of the cake and smashed it in her face and strawberry filling went down her dress. She ran into the restroom and the bridesmaids couldn’t get her to come back out. I went into the ladies room and told her to grow up and come out. I said, ‘You’ve got all these people out here, don’t let this ruin your night.’ It was difficult, but she came back out finally and the reception went on.”

WHY WEDDING DJ’S ARE NECESSARY: “I always tell my customers, ‘Don’t rely on your friend or family or Joe Blow down the street who says they’ll do your wedding for free.’ You get what you pay for. You want somebody with a history in the business, with professional equipment and insurance who will be professionally dressed. The secret is knowing what to do in a timely manner and having the right music.”


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